How to Promote Your Music with Spotify Playlists

How to Promote Your Music with Spotify Playlists

Spotify playlists are a great way to promote your music. They can be found on the “Browse” tab of the app and in some cases, you might find them on artist pages as well. Spotify is not just for listening to music - it’s also an amazing tool to help get your music heard by people all over the world! In this blog post, we’ll talk about why getting your song onto one of these playlists could be vitally important for promoting yourself as an artist and how you can do so with ease. They can be used in many different ways, but for the purposes of this blog post we will focus on using them as a promotional tool to increase awareness and get new listeners.

The benefit of Spotify playlists

So why are playlists a good way to promote your music? When someone creates and shares a playlist on Spotify, it can help the artists on that playlist gain an audience. You might have noticed that some of the more popular songs on Spotify belong to artists with many followers - whether they’re famous or just starting out, their fans will help promote them even further by listening to those tracks and making sure others do as well! This is because when somebody creates a playlist for an artist, then all of those new listeners will see that list and check out what else this person has in store based off who they listen to. If the listener becomes interested enough in your sound too from hearing other artists like you through one spotify playlist (or any platform at all) then they’ll listen to your music.

How to get on Spotify playlists

A spotify playlist is a list of songs that people have compiled into one mega-list to listen to. They’re created by an individual person, or sometimes they can be made for the artist themselves! There are plenty of ways you can get your music on this type of playlists and promote it’s content - here are some tips:

  • Ask friends who make their own Spotify Playlists if they would like to add more tracks from you onto theirs! This will then push up your popularity through word-of-mouth in addition to being seen everywhere online where someone may stumble upon them while looking at what other artists/creators there are out there.

  • Asking others with large followings (whether famous or just a fan) is even better! They will have the potential to get more eyes on your tracks and could even help you promote it themselves.

  • To make things easier, create a Spotify Playlist of your own! You can then use this as an avenue for others to listen to all of your music in one place without having to go through different places online or offline.

Spotify playlist on phone

Is there an easier way?

We get it, sometimes you might not have a friend that make Spotify playlists or you’ve tried reaching out to playlist curators without success. We created Playlisteer for this very reason. We wanted there to be a service for artists–whether they are just starting out or have a sizeable fanbase–so they can get their music in front on the people that matter. Playlisteer has a Spotify playlist placement service that will allow you to target specific playlists, curators and genre.

Ultimately what artists want is recognition for their music–whether it’s through getting on a Spotify playlist or being in the local paper. It may be difficult but there are tools out there that can help make this process easier.

If you’re an artist looking to promote your new album with Spotify playlist placement then Playlisteer is for you. There are many ways of how you can get onto Spotify playlists today either by going direct with them or, better yet, find yourself a marketing team that will do all the hard work for you. We suggest the latter because we want you to be able to focus 100% on creating music.

Final thoughts

This is just a few ways that you can utilize Spotify playlists - there are many other channels out there such as social media and blogs which people may not see often enough. You should always experiment and figure out what works best for your music.

What are some of the ways that you promote your music? Do you use Spotify playlists to get exposure and have people discover more about who you are as an artist? Share in the comments below!

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