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Playlisteer Fundamentals

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Mission Statement

Who are we and why should you give a f**k?

Playlisteer helps you get more real streams by placing your music on popular playlists and large channels. Submit your music to playlist curators with Playlisteer's Spotify playlist pitching & SoundCloud repost service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept every song?

No. We wok very hard to get your song infront of quality playlists and channels that like your music. If no one picks it up, we'll refund you immediately.

Are the streams real?

Yes. We only work with top-notch curators. Every stream you get will be from a real person that is a fan of the curator already.

How many streams will I get?

It depends. It depends on how good your song is and the timing of your marketing. We work very hard to maximize your streams, though, so rest assured you are in good hands.

How secure is Playlisteer?

Very secure. Protecting the data you trust to Playlisteer is our first priority. We never store any of your credentials on our servers. We use secure third-party services like PayPal & Stripe to process all payments.

Will my accounts be banned?

No. Everything we do is 100% within the Spotify and SoundCloud terms of service. We do not work with curators that use bots or fake accounts.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Sign up for our newsletter to find out about discounts and promotions.

What is your refund policy?

If your song does not land on a playlist you select, we will refund you immediately. However, after the song is pitched and lands on a playlist, we cannot refund you.

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