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Get your music on Spotify playlists with our exclusive playlist placement & promotion service. Reach thousands of potential new fans!

Playlist Placement

We place your song on multiple playlists up to 30k followers
Reach tons of new fans
Get organic plays and followers
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What we do

For years we have helped thousands of artists get on popular Spotify playlists


Huge Spotify network

We have a huge network that has over 100k Spotify followers managed by our hundreds of partners.


Quality placements guaranteed

We guarantee that your song will be placed on high-quality, playlists and channels with large followings.


Effortless targeting

Simply select your target genre and we'll place your songs on great playlists/channels matching your style.


Flexible pricing

Whether you're just starting out or a chart-topping artist, we match you with the proper audience.


100% legitimate streams

We only work with legitimate curators to ensure your music gets 100% organic and real streams.


We stay curious

We dedicate time to researching and experimenting with the Spotify and SoundCloud algorithms to maximize your songs potential.

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